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Since 1990 the founders of Precious Hands/Manos Preciosas have been lending a helping hand in the form of MEDICAL MISSIONS, DONATIONS of medical and educational supplies and equipment and EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS and MICRO-LOANS in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Argentina.

One of the main reasons for creating Precious Hands/Manos Preciosas was to provide Guatemalan people the opportunity to make honest livings to better their lives and the lives of their children. Since its inception Precious Hands/Manos Preciosas has provided assistance in many different ways that have immediate and tangible impact. Examples include:

- Provide artisans access to US, European and Asian markets to sell their handicrafts.

- Assist artisans design their handicrafts to appeal to the specific markets they serve.

- Donations of tools (sewing machines, wood working tools, etc…) to improve quality and increase production of handicrafts to meet the needs of the markets they serve.

-Coach and mentor Guatemalan company stake holders/employees in international business practices

-Microloans for education, training, business creation and expansion.

Our Location and Contacts:

Main Store: 5a Avenida Sur #11, Antigua Guatemala

Branch: 3a calle Oriente #22A, Antigua Guatemala

Telefono: +(502) 7832-3450

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