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Welcome to Precious Hands Guatemala

Manos Preciosas, S.A./Precious Hands LLC is a producer and export company of Mayan and Guatemalan Hand Made products working closely with the artisans. Precious Hands is proud to train, design, produce, market and sell handmade high quality products from Guatemala to all over the world. Precious Hands commits part of its profits to their micro loan program, which provides long-lasting and sustainable assistance to individuals in the communities where their artisans live and work. Through the program, individuals can earn fair wages, grow their businesses, and prosper, thus improving their lives and the lives of their children.

Manos Preciosas, S.A./Precious Hands LLC is a company based in Antigua, Guatemala and Louisville, Kentucky, USA and is owned and run by Irma Yolanda Zuleta and Alfredo Hernandez Lopez (Antigua, Guatemala), and John Barker (Frankfurt, Germany).

Our Location and Contacts:

Main Store: 5a Avenida Sur #11, Antigua Guatemala

Branch: 3a calle Oriente #22A, Antigua Guatemala

Telefono: +(502) 7832-3450

Photography on the slide show by: Kata B. Photography

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